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Amos 4:7 “Surely the Sovereign LORD does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets.”

The Day After

November 7, 2012 

Dear Friends:
We are all looking for answers right now, and we need to allow ourselves time to process the shock, the grief, and the concern.
Yet at the same time, we must not remain in that place, because the work of the Church continues, perhaps more importantly now than ever.
Many voices are trying to explain what has happened, and I would just as soon stay silent, but I feel that after rallying the troops for so long, you deserve to hear from me.  Please know that I am writing you because I feel you deserve to hear my thoughts not because I think I have all the answers.  Last night was a clear reminder that none of us have all the answers. 

Over the months, numbers of people have asked me whom I thought would win the presidential election or what God was showing me.  I would tell them what I am telling you now.  The Lord never showed me who would win the election.  I personally believe that it hung in the balance for a very long time.  That may be why different prophetic voices had different “predictions.”  They may have been picking up on where things were heading at that moment but that then changed. 
What the Lord did show me was Plan A and Plan B.  If Mitt Romney won, then this is where we would be and what we would do.  If Barack Obama won, then this is where we are and what we would do.
In this, it was always clear that my job wouldn’t change much regardless of who was in office.  My job might become more complicated and difficult, but it would remain the same.
Regardless of who became president, our job is the awakening of the Church and the revival of the nation.


With my cries of mercy for four more years, I was asking the Lord to give us the opportunity to wake up without much hardship and in relative comfort.  I was asking the Lord to hold back four more years and give us time to become the Church He desires us to be, without having to do it in persecution, so to speak.
That’s what I wanted.  Who doesn’t want the more comfortable path?  However, in that, I knew it was risky and that it would only delay the inevitable for four years.  I do not believe that with relative comfort and security we would change much as a culture.  We would go back to life as it was before the elections, even those of us who have poured our lives out on the altar this past year.  We would lose our zeal and go back to business as usual, because the immediate crisis was over. 
So, that was my mandate under Plan A.  To continue to sound the cry and to wake up a nation that didn’t necessarily feel it needed to be awakened.
Plan B may actually be more merciful, and I weighed that into consideration before I began praying for mercy.  I realized that my idea of mercy and God’s might not be the same.
A Church under persecution and a nation who has lost her liberty, her security, and her power and strength are more pliable in the hands of the Lord.
Our mandate is the same.  To continue to sound the alarm and awaken a sleeping giant, but we may find the giant is aroused more easily in the midst of difficulties than otherwise.


Having said that, I also want to say to you that I do not believe the elections represented the true vote of the American people.  You can disagree with me, and I have no proof, but I know where I have been in intercession for over a year.  I know what I have seen and experienced, and I believe this election was rigged for Obama’s victory before the first vote was cast.  That is in the hands of the Lord, though.  He is the One who vindicates, and He is the One who repays wickedness.  I don’t need to spread rumors or cast accusations.  I just want those of you who stood on the wall faithfully and also felt it was not right that you are not alone and did not miss God. 
For the last week and a half, the Lord took me to verse after verse in the Bible that talked about “lying scales” which are lying measurements.  Something used to weigh, measure, or tally – which is what we do with election votes.   I have known that the correct tally of the votes was at risk, and some of you know that I asked you to pray with me against the manipulation of the polls.
There is still a chance the wrongdoing could be discovered before the inauguration and corrected, and I will not lose hope in that, but I feel we are on to Plan B.


Allowing the enemy to poison us with accusations about our brethren who voted differently than we did or prophetic voices who “forecast” something that did not come to pass will only play into his dark hands.  This is a time to guard your hearts.  You have been wounded and are vulnerable to the attacks of the enemy.  Guard your heart with all diligence for out of it flow the issues of life.  (Proverbs 4:23)
Let us continue to come to the Lord with clean hands and a pure heart.  As my son reminded me this morning, we need to pray for President Obama more than ever.


For those of you who prayed, fasted, and layed your lives down to see this nation return to righteousness, I want to tell you that your labor was not in vain!  If we have done all that we were called to do, we now have to have faith in God’s process.  Hebrews 11: 1 says that faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.  We now have to have a conviction of something that we do not see, and that is the truth of God’s word.  Our cries, our prayers, our praise, and our declarations of His Word will not return to us void!
Someone said in our prayer meeting Monday night, prior to the election, that at midnight Tuesday we would pass under the Shepherd’s Rod.  He knows what you have done, and you will be rewarded in the Kingdom that has no end.
One thing I know for sure is that God is getting ready to judge His Church.  Judgement begins at the household of God, and the Church has not been the light to this nation it is called to be, and our salt has lost its taste.  It is very difficult to tell Christians from non-Christians by their behavior, their language, their habits, their dress, or any other thing.  Much of the Church did not weigh in on the side of righteousness in their vote, and God has taken notice.  In like manner, however, many who weighed in with their vote are not weighing in with their day-to-day lives, so we must be careful not to judge.  That’s God’s job.
The remnant is going to arise as the divide between the Church-at-large and the living, breathing Church of the Living God grows wider.
As this chasm broadens, on which side will we each find ourselves?


Our cries are not in vain, and we need to continue.  There is much truth to be seen, much exposure that much take place, and much mercy that needs to triumph over judgement.
The Lord said He would give the people what they want, so let’s set about the task of renewing our minds so that His people want what He wants.
This is far from over.  In fact, the real work has really just begun.
Don’t whitewash things and pretend.  Allow yourself to process the emotion and grief you feel, but then get up and get going.  YOU AIN’T SEEN NOTHIN’ YET!
Blessings to you dear, faithful friends.  Our God reigns!  In that you can be sure.